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Brutal asesinato policial de una guerrillera naxalita


Fotos del asesinato de la camarada Shruthi
La camarada Shruthi de tan solo 23 años fue brutalmente asesinada por la policía india en un presunto enfrentamiento armado el pasado miércoles 16 de septiembre. Ella fue capturada viva y brutalmente torturada. Su codo fue trenzado 180 grados y desgarrado por binette. Policía vertió ácido en su estómago. Ella fue violada por la policía y finalmente asesinada.
Esto sucedió cuando dos guerrillerxs, Sruthi, alias Mahitha (23 años) y Vidyasagar Reddy, alias Sagar (32 años) fueron secuestrados de sus domicilios y presentado su asesinato como un encuentro armado entre la guerrilla maoísta y las fuerzas de seguridad indias en la región de Karimnagar-Khammam. Los dos camaradas fueron torturados y posteriormente asesinados. Con la camarada Sruthi se ensañaron con especial brutalidad.
Honor y gloria a la camarada Shruthi!!!
Apoyar la Guerra Popular en la India!!!

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Tension at MGM Hospital
Amid heavy police bandobust, post mortem was conducted on the slain naxals at the MGM Hospital here on Wednesday. Tension prevailed for some time as the police did not allow the parents of the deceased naxals to have a glimpse. They, along with other relatives and activists of different organisations staged a demonstration at the hospital mortuary. Following court intervention, parents were allowed to see the bodies before the post mortem was conducted. Police cordoned off the area around mortuary.
Despite prohibitory orders, large number of people gathered at the mortuary. Civil Liberties’ activists, members of Revolutionary Poets Association, Naxal martyrs’ relatives association and others arrived at the hospital raising slogans and dubbing the encounter ‘fake’. Two naxals Sruthi alias Mahitha and Vidyasagar Reddy alias Sagar were killed in the exchange of fire with the police on Tuesday at Rangapur forest area in Govindaraopet mandal. The bodies were shifted to MGM Hospital late in the night.
After post mortem, they were handed over to the relatives. Those who gathered at the mortuary took out a procession for a while near the hospital. Revolutionary poet Varavara Rao, Madiga Reservation Porata Samithi (MRPS) leader Manda Krishna Madiga and others visited the hospital.
Politicos, Activists Dispute Maoist Encounter Theory
WARANGAL: A day after the police gunned down two Maoists in the forests of Tadwai mandal in the district, the civil society and political parties have lambasted the government alleging that the encounters were fake and the killings state-sponsored murder. Virasam leader P Varavara Rao, who visited the MGM hospital, alleged that T Shruthi, the woman Maoist, was sexually abused before killing. The parents of the two victims too alleged that their children were detained by the police and later bumped off.
Expressing doubts over the authenticity of the police story, TTDP leader E Dayakar Rao demanded a probe by a sitting judge. Congress Jagitial MLA T Jeevan Reddy too termed the encounter as ‘fake’ and held the government responsible for the trend of youngsters joining the Maoist outfit. Director General of Police Anurag Sharma, meanwhile, contended that the police personnel were combing the forest area, when they spotted the Maoists. “Our men came face to face with the Maoists and the latter opened fire on the police. In the retaliatory fire, the two were killed while some others fled the spot,” he claimed. Police across the districts bordering Chhattisgarh have intensified combing operations and are maintaining vigil at the check posts.
Vara Vara Rao alleges rape of slain Maoist, seeks probe
WARANGAL: Noisy scenes were witnessed at the MGM Hospital here on Wednesday where doctors performed post-mortem on the bodies of two Maoists killed in an encounter with the police in the district on Tuesday. Protesters including families of the two slain Maoists, led by revolutionary writer and Virasam founder Vara Vara Rao, gathered at the hospital and accused the Telangana government of killing Shruti alias Maisakka and Vidyasagar Reddy alias Gopanna in cold blood in the forests of Eturunagarm. Vara Vara Rao levelled a serious allegation that prior to killing Shruti, the police personnel raped her.
He further alleged that the police poured acid on different parts of Shruti’s body in a bid to destroy the evidence of their ‘misdeeds’. Calling the encounter as fake and the version of the incident provided by the police as a ‘cock-and-bull’ story, Vara Vara rao demanded a thorough enquiry into the encounter. The well-known writer also accused chief minister K Chandrasekhar Rao of conspiring to eliminate Naxalites by any means. He also said it was as a direct result of the government’s failure to provide employment to the youth in the state.
In a testimony to growing desperation among jobless youth as many as 36 highly educated young men and women went underground to join the Maoist movement just in the last two months, he said. Members of the Amaraveerula Bandhumitrula Committee, meanwhile, staged a dharna outside the hospital demanding that the authorities allow the parents into the mortuary to witness the post-mortem.
Anticipating trouble, a large number of personnel from Mattewada, Intezargunj, Hanamkonda police stations and senior police officers were present at the hospital. The bodies were handed over to the families after a three-member team of forensic doctors completed the post-mortem which was also videographed. The reports and the video were submitted to the court. Meanwhile, the Telangana units of Congress and TDP in Hyderabad alleged that the state government killed the two Maoists in a fake encounter and demanded a judicial probe into the incident.


New Delhi, 15.09-15

Un gran numero de personas se han concentrado en las inmediaciones del Warangal MGM Hospital para protestar por el asesinato, ayer, de la camarada Shruthi y del camarada Vidyasagarreddy Manikanti, en un falso combate con la policía de Telangana. 

Este nuevo crimen de las fuerzas represivas ha causado gran indignación porque ambos camaradas eran conocidos y respetados por las masas, por su trabajo al servicio del pueblo.
Revolutionary poet Varavara Rao with the relatives of slain naxals at Mgm Mortuary in Warangal on Wednesday. Photo: M. Murali
Revolutionary poet Varavara Rao with the relatives of slain naxals at Mgm Mortuary in Warangal on Wednesday. 
Photo: M. Murali
Revolutionary poet Varavara Rao broke down and wailed inconsolably holding sisters of slain Maoist Sruthi alias Mahitha at the MGM Hospital mortuary.
Dubbing the encounter as `fake’, revolutionary poet Varavara Rao alleged that police tortured brutally and killed both the Maoist party naxals – Sruthi and Vidyasagar Reddy.
He broke down and wailed inconsolably holding sisters of slain Maoist Sruthi alias Mahitha at the MGM Hospital mortuary.
Demanding the State Government own up the responsibility, he said that youth were being attracted to the revolutionary movement as the KCR’s Government failed to keep up its promises leave alone implementing the much-talked Maoist party agenda. “None asked him to implement Maoist party agenda. He himself claimed it. We all want the Government to function as per Constitution – giving people a chance to speak, express and differ,” he said.
According to intelligence reports, a total of 36 persons joined the Maoist party since the separate Telangana was formed. Scores of youth were disillusioned with the promises and functioning of the TRS Government. Mr. KCR promised a Telangana free from encounters.
“KCR promised a heaven and nothing short of it. What is happening in Telangana is visible to all. In Warangal district alone, nearly 1,500 acres of land is being illegally mined by contractors. The tribals were questioning the government and young men driven by ideals are standing by these innocent tribals. Hence they are being killed in fake encounters,” Mr. Varavara Rao said.
The people of Telangana did not ask for gold or anything from Mr. KCR. All they want is peace, water for irrigation, land for cultivation and nothing else. Those labouring hard are denied their rights and fruits of labour. Those sitting in Parliament and Assembly supporting the contractors are making lots of money depriving the poor of their land.
“What happened to the promise of three acres of land to the SCs. Who is questioning the Government on this promise,” he said urging the people and the media to stand up and question the Government.

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