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India 26 december – Maoists Call for Bandh – ICSPWI calls for a large information in proletarian ranks in all countries

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Maoists Call for Bandh in Agency on December 26 

 VISAKHAPATNAM: The Andhra Odisha Border Special Zonal Committee (AOBSZC) gave a call for Andhra Odisha Border (AOB) bandh on December 26 and urged the tribals to observe December 21 to December 27 as a protest week against the proposed bauxite mining in Visakhapatnam agency. In a letter which was released to the media at Visakhapatnam agency by the AOBSZC official spokesman Jagabandhu, he requested the tribals to fight against those leaders who have been opposing the bauxite mining while still continuing as leaders in political parties. Jaganbandhu asked the leaders to resign from the parties, failing which he suggested that the people should drive them away from the agency areas. The ultra alleged that the government has joined hands with private companies and is trying to benefit from it by hitting the lives of tribals.

 The TDP government has been trying to divide and rule the tribals to lift the bauxite reserves. As part of the strategy, the State government has deployed huge forces into the agency and trying to intensify the attacks. The naxal leader in his letter also mentioned that Chief Minister Chandrababu Naidu has temporarily kept the bauxite issue on hold, which is his strategy. Very soon, he would announce packages and will impress the agitators to pave the road for mining. The red-rebel also stated that the opposition parties who are now actively participating in anti bauxite agitation are just doing so in order to get votes in the coming elections. “Both the TDP and Congress, when in power had tried to mine bauxite and disturb the agency. The YSRC party is a child of Congress,” he alleged.

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