miércoles, 21 de diciembre de 2011

Open Letter From I.P.C. (Internationalist Proletarian Committee) to C.P.I. (Maoist)

From the spanish state the IPC sends its most brotherly salute to CPI(Maoist) and to the Indian Revolution in process. The makeup of the IPC in the spanish state comes from the internationalist and proletarian initiative, consisting in giving international support to the revolution that is going on in the present day in India, in particular, and takes care, in general, of the international solidarity given from the spanish state to the revolutionaries all over the world. To the IPC, the events and the struggle developed in India by the CPI(maoist), represent actually one of the spearheads of the Proletarian World Revolution. Revolution in India, forged in the middle of a People´s War, is overcoming all odds and difficulties imposed by the Indian state and the imperialists, marching on victoriously. After UCPN-M betrayal, the International Communist Movement is aware of the development of the events in India, for it is of great importance in practice the fact of its determination on carrying on with the People´s War in India towards its revolutionary objective, and take the power to destroy the Old State. For the International Communist Movement, triumph of People´s War in India would mean the triumph of a revolutionary line over the revisionist and conciliatory thesis, promoted, for example, by the UCPN-M or the RCP-USA, on a global basis. The events going on today in India represent, as far as international communist politics concern, the practical facts to which revolutionaries against revisionism can hold on to. People´s War aiming to take control of the old bourgeois state and the creation of the new worker state, is incompatible with the illusions of “parliamentary socialism under the bourgeois state”, that class conciliators promulgate. Today, Revolution in India keeps a great expectation before the eyes of the communists, on one hand, and on the other, to the eyes of workers and peasants without land or poor all over the world, because People´s War in India makes revisionists and reactionaries all over the world tremble. People´s War in India is the focal point of other new People´s Wars over the globe. IPC, on its hand, will do everything it can do to help from the international solidarity frame, the final triumph of revolution in India. We show our support to revolution in India as a great heroic deed of the workers, peasants and all of the oppressed in the country in their struggle against imperialism.We also show our support to CPI(Maoist) as the ruling party of this revolution, which with great determination stands firm and still before the attempts of the enemy to finish them up. We also would like to take this opportunity this letter gives us to show our deep respect for comrade Kishenji and condemn with all our hate the violence that is serving capital and its assassins. We want to express our most energic rejection before what has happened. We have only one thing left to say, and that is to wish our indian comrades the biggest success. We send you a Revolutionary Salute, IPC LONG LIVE PEOPLPE´S WAR IN INDIA!!! HONOR AND GLORY TO THE INDIAN REVOLUTIONARY WARRIORS!!! HONOR AND GLORY TO COMRADE KISHENJI!!! LONG LIVE REVOLUTION IN INDIA, WHICH GOES ON AS PART OF THE PROLETARIAN WORLD REVOLUTION!!! EXCEPT POWER, ALL IS ILLUSION!!! LONG LIVE COMMUNISM, DEATH TO REVISIONISM!!! LONG LIVE PROLETARIAN INTERNATIONALISM!!! December 2011

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