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Answer to the public criticism of the CPI made by the MCP of Italy

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Answer to the public criticism of the CPI made by the MCP of Italy

The Internationalist Proletarian Committee (IPC) makes the following statement as an answer to the public criticism realized on the 26th of September of this year by the Maoist Communist Party of Italy (MCP of Italy):

Facing the charge against our own positions as the positions of the Communist Party of India – Maoist (CPI-Maoist), we declare that our Committee understands the support of the People's War in India and Proletarian Internationalism as closely related to the denunciation of the conciliation and the indecision with Revisionism.

And in this sense, we can not not unite the support to the People's War in India and the denunciation of the betrayal of the Revolution in Nepal, differently so to those who are hesitant with revisionism in Nepal, when they don't conciliate openly with it.

The I.P.C. denunciates the fact that your support to the revolutionary process in India that you make is eclectic, hesitant, and forgets to denunciate the betrayal in Nepal. And in this sense it is clear that India and Nepal are process closely related. Et those who forget to denunciate the betrayal in Nepal are those who are hesitant and give breathe to revisionism.

It is a vile slander to accuse us of exalting the indian revolution and to forget the revolutionary taks in our own country, the Committee affirms clearly that the best support to the indian revolutionary process runs with the development of revolutionary process in its own country, and in our case in the spanish state.

The italian MCP doesn't hesitate to throw overboard the historical laws just to attack the I.P.C. recently formed. One of the most speaking example is to consider as subjectivism the fact that the victory of the CPI-Maoist in India would create a more solid base for the work of the international avant-garde to initiate the revolution in each country.

Who can doubt, except fools, to the fact that the triumph of a revolution puts in a favorable situation the work of revolutionaries in the others countries?

The experience of the Russian revolution has facilitated the frontier with revisionists that nested in the parties of the IId International and the formation of Communist Parties in struggle for the conquest of power; wasn't it a more solid base for the international avant-garde and the struggle for the World Proletarian Revolution?

The Italians seem to consider as subjectivism the objective fact that better conditions come for the avant-garde with the revolutionary success in a country, and blame us for defending a waiting position.

No, senores, the waiting position is yours, as you're still waiting for the supposed red line in the UPCN(m) wins over the black one, without doing nothing at any moment, neither warning about the danger during the People's War, nor to criticize its following liquidation; on the contrary even, you try to give reserves of oxygen to a rotting corpse instead of bury it, as it is done with corpses to avoid contagion.

On our part, we are convinced that the great breakthrough that would be for the work of revolutionaries of the world the taking of the power by the CPI-Maoist, but we don't wait seaten that this happens, the IPC believes that the best support is the knowing of the revolutionary experience and to help so that this experience is warned about the real risk supposed by revisionism and concessions to the reactionary class.

It is, in our opinion, the best internationalist attitude, which combines solidarity and vigilance.

The CPI is just born and you, instead of waiting some good of its activities and development, you initiate the torpedoing and the destruction, and this for two reasons:

- the fact that the Committee denunciates unequivocally the betrayal of Nepal and the conciliation with this betrayal

- the fact that group that is near you in the Spanish state is not a member of the IPC.

These two reasons are the real ones making a non constructive criticism of the IPC.

Another example of the manner of the MCP of Italy not hesitating to abnegate marxism in exchange of an argument against the IPC is the question of the legality or not of negotiations. Marx said that the revolution is one of the most violent act that existed, because it is the forced expulsion of a class by another.

In a revolution, concessions, agreement and compromises have no place. To which agreement is it possible with those that we pretend defeat?

In a revolution that searches to destroy the reactionary class, it is not possible to come to any agreement with it. But, in their blind attack, it doesn't disturb these people to abandon the ABC of marxism, reproaching us our infantilism.

It is obvious that you're really angry about our denunciation of the agreement and the peace negotiations because you have supported the so called “global peace agreement” in Nepal in 2006, agreement representing a clear and vile betrayal of the revolution and the people of Nepal.

Nowadays, it is opportunism to not be conscious of the fact that negotiations and peace agreement are used by imperialism to destroy the revolutionary process. You're putting away the role playing nowadays the peace negotiations, that bring to actions so opportunists like supporting the peace agreement in Nepal.

We are accused of extremist infantilism precisely by those who have supported the ignoble betrayal endorsed by the PCN(M) of Nepal in 2006 and precisely by those who are hesitant and express ambiguity on these questions.

On the other hand, it is not correct to accuse us of defending a merely militarist image of the People's War in India, for the IPC the People's War is found on the mobilization and the participation of the masses and under the leadership of the Communist Party.

To conclude, the IPC estimates that the destructive criticism launched against us has as a main cause the fact that the Committee denunciated the conciliation and the hesitating about the betrayal made in Nepal.

November 7th, 2011.

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